Why own when you can rent?

by jenstden

Newly renovated Pacific Palisades is appealing to young urban professionals with creative design and amenities like meeting rooms and a gym.

Skyrocketing condo prices have made renting a necessity for many youngish Vancouverites. With a new generation of rental buildings, developers are trying to take the sting out of renting.

They’re appealing to urban professionals by offering extra amenities and quality design.

Newly-renovated Pacific Palisades at Robson and Jervis offers an art gallery, soundproof music practice room, extra suites to rent when guests are visiting, as well as meeting rooms, large storage lockers, and a gym.

District Main on south Main Street, built in two stages in 2007 and 2010, has a gym on every floor, and a wine cellar, film library and concierge available to its tenants.

Leave it to Vancouverites to convince themselves that renting is trendy.

If you can afford to pay around $1500 a month for a one-bedroom apartment, these are lovely places to make your home. (Your boomer parents will still tell you’re throwing your money away on someone else’s mortgage.)

For the rest of us? Well, we can settle down in an older, cheaper building built the last time new rental stock was added to the West End.

The high rises built in the 1960s and 70s may be a little worse for wear, but they still feature pools and penthouses, sleek (and sometimes strange) modernist design, fountains and elevator music – all to appeal to the modern, urban renter.